If you’re familiar and have tasted the refreshing fermented beverage called Kombucha, you likely love it or hate it. (But at least you tried it, right?)

It’s certainly not for everyone, but there is a very good reason we drink it.

Kombucha is not only a healthy alternative to juice and soda, it also helps keep us healthy.

Kombucha is a cool, fizzy drink packed with probiotics that feed the good bacteria in our stomachs, which helps fight off the bad bacteria that can make us sick.

Our ability to stay healthy relies heavily on the health of our gut, so it benefits everyone!

Kombucha Kickoff in Babylon

Here’s a great opportunity to give Kombucha a try on Saturday, July 22.

Juice N’ Blends of Babylon Village will be featuring their newest addition to the daily
menu — probiotic, raw organic Kombucha on tap by Aqua ViTea!

Visit Juice N’ Blends at 17 Deer Park Ave today for their Kombucha Kickoff!

This specific Kombucha has no alchohol or caffeine, making it a family-friendly choice.

Favors circulate so there is always something new to try.

Buy a bottle for $5 and get free fill ups from the tap with each juice or smoothie purchase.

Improve the health of your gut and strengthen your immunity with each sip.