An 11-year-old Babylon entrepreneur is using her creative skills to make fashionable headbands.

And these creations are not being kept in a shoebox; Babylon Village’s popular Pandemonium Boutique is selling them in the store.

Riley Dee, who is heading into sixth grade at Babylon Memorial Grade School, invented the stylish accessory over the summer.

“It started when I bought a boho band for $16 and my grandma said I could make it myself” said a laughing Riley.

She headed to JOANN Fabric and Craft, bought an array of different materials, and with the help of her family started cutting and sewing the bands together.

Riley calls them “galaxy bands” because the colors and patterns remind of space images. Some of her more popular items include Jupiter’s Big Spot, Sunset on Mars, and her signature band, Cosmic.

Before selling at Pandemonium, she was selling Galaxy Bands through Facebook and Etsy, with people as far away as Canada purchasing them, said Riley’s mother, Jodi.

“She picks cool and funky colors that appeal to the young and old,” her mom said.

Then the bands caught the attention of Pandemonium Boutique’s owner Jacqueline Didonato.

“Her designs are different then what you are going to see,” said Didonato. “They are comfortable and they fit amazingly.”

The headbands sell for $12, and the profits are split between the store and Riley.

As of Wednesday, the headbands have been in the store a week and sold “a good amount,” according the Dee family.

Riley is using the money to save for an art camp next summer. In the meantime she’s looking to expand her design by making larger headbands for people suffering from cancer and medical hair loss.

“I’m so proud of my daughter; she has worked so hard all summer,” said Jodi.

Aside from selling online and at 220 Deer Park Avenue, Riley was approved for a booth at this year’s Annual Fair at Arglye Park on Sept. 10.

She told GreaterBabylon she is going to prepare 200 headbands for the craft fair.

“[Riley] is doing good,” said Jodi, “she is working hard at it and made her own signage.”

Here is a video of Riley showcasing her galaxy bands:

Top: Riley holds her display case at Pandemonium Boutique in Babylon. (Nicholas Esposito)

The Galaxy Band display at Pandemonium Boutique in Babylon.