These Babylon summer program students headed to Glen’s Dinette in the village recently to learn about proper restaurant etiquette, including appropriate tipping.

What they also got was a lesson in what it means to pay it forward.

As the students were wrapping up their meals and preparing to pay while learning how to calculate the tips, they were surprised to learn an anonymous patrons had paid for the entire group of 11.

“When the waitress shyly told us that someone had covered our bill, we were astounded,” said Keith Fasano, a Babylon Junior-Senior High School special education teacher. “You could see by the expressions on the students’ faces that their belief that people are inherently good was reaffirmed.

“Due to this deed, we all agreed that it was our job to look out for one another.”

So that’s what they did. The students still utilized their newly-acquired restaurant etiquette lessons, including how to calculate tips, and tallied up what they would have paid for their meal.

Then, they decided to donate that money to a local charity of their choosing.

Information Source: Babylon School District

Photo Caption: The Babylon summer program students at Glen’s Dinette in Babylon Village.