Taking actions that will improve the quality of your life doesn’t require a grand invocation or a costly membership that loses momentum after a few months.

In fact, resolutions can be a normal part of your daily routine, requiring little changes be made throughout the year — not just at the beginning.


Make a change, make it easy and make it meaningful.

And have fun with it! For one, put on your patron shoes and take advantage of your main street shops and organizations that have something personal to offer you with a greater purpose.

Reduce, Reuse & Refill

O’Beehave Naturals Refill Bar

32 Deer Park Ave., Babylon, NY

The first beauty and beyond BAR on Long Island! All products for bath, beauty and home are “On Tap” refillable, customizable, botanically based and petroleum free! Bring your own container or choose from one of their many “LifeTime Containers” and fill them up with pure goodness.