Ride-sharing services like Uber have quickly become a go-to option for many looking to go to and fro on Long Island. And Babylon has been no exception since Suffolk authorized ride sharing this past June.

We reached out to Uber this week, curious about the most frequented Babylon destinations. They got back with the Top 5 spots (to and fro) for people traveling within the 11777 zip code.

The list is below, in order:

  1. Babylon Train Station
  2. Lily Flanagan’s Pub
  3. The Villager
  4. Post Office Cafe
  5. Babylon Carriage House

These destinations are based on trips that originated and ended in this specific zip code, according to Uber. So, basically, it’s where the locals go.

The amount of bar-restaurants wasn’t at all a surprise to Lily Flanagan’s marketing manger, Carina Furnair.

“[Uber] is definitely the most popular way to get picked up in Babylon,” she said.

And the Lily’s crew couldn’t help but be proud of being tops.

“After 10 years and seeing that we are Number 1 on a newer platform for location pick-ups; that is awesome,” she said.

“More and more, Long Islanders are choosing to leave their cars at home and take Uber to the train station, ferry terminal, stores, local bars and restaurants — which can free up parking for better use such as much-needed housing and open space,” said Uber spokesperson Danielle Filson.

(Note: the longest trip from Babylon was 102 miles from Captree State Park to Sea Bright, N.J.)

Top: Photo courtesy of Lily Flanagan’s Facebook page.