The New York Islanders are coming back to the Coliseum — at least on a part-time basis.

According to ESPN, the Islanders have agreed to play 12 home games at the Coliseum next season.

After winning a bid for a new 18,000 arena at Belmont State Park, the Isles were in search for a short-term home with its lease expiring with the Barclays Center after next season.

In the meantime, Long Island luminaries have lobbied to bring the Islanders back to the Nassau Coliseum in wake of its new renovations.

Their efforts paid off.

In a press conference on Monday, New York State and Long Island elected officials teamed up with Islanders ownership to announce the team will split home games with the Barclays Center for the next three years while Belmont is being built.

That is roughly 120 games that will be divided by the two arenas — that are both owned by Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

Though no further details were issued or questions taken Monday, ESPN is reporting this coming  season will amount to just 12 home games in Nassau.

“We are prepared to fast-track renovations to be ready for next season and are committed to providing the team with amenities that players never enjoyed previously here at the Coliseum,” said Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment’s chief executive officer, Brett Yormark.

Governor Cuomo said he put “a little pressure mixed with charm,” on NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to make the 46-year-old arena an option for pro hockey.

“He has very high standards, and we respect that,” said Cuomo.

The governor said he will be using resources to help bring the Coliseum up to NHL standards through building modifications.

“It will give us the opportunity to welcome back the Islanders to the place they belong, which is Long Island,” said Cuomo.

And seats are available now for the Coliseum, says Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky.

“Call 844-33-Isles to secure your tickets,” he said, “Let’s rock the Barn!”

Top: State elected officials being handed their own Islanders jersey. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)

Islanders owner Jon Ledecky announcing the Islanders will play in the new Coliseum. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)

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