Great friends help friends during trying of times.

That’s certainly the case for North Babylon attorney Joseph Bisch, who is raising money through a GoFundMe page for a longtime buddy of his, Robert Moore.

The money will help Moore, 63, who has been through a tumultuous 10 years.

The Sound Beach resident has suffered many ailments over the last decade, including strokes, kidney failure and two bouts with cancer that led to a laryngectomy.

“He is just a wonderful guy,” said Bisch, who’s known Moore for 20-plus years, “But he’s also had one of the more difficult medical histories of anyone I’ve ever known.”

But Moore has been a trooper through it all, says Bisch.

During the height of his troubles, Moore still managed to work as a carpenter. And he even found time to help others.

Mary Emerson, a nurse from Port Jefferson Station — who donated a kidney to Moore — told him of a patient she tends to, whom suffers from a genetic soft tissue disease called epidermolysis bullosa.

That disease prevented this young patient from traveling outside of the house, so Moore helped build a mobile home called a “Honey House” for him (picture below).

Through the Honey House, the boy’s parents can now transport him safely.

“That’s the type of man he is,” said Bisch, “Just a great helping fellow.”

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The Honey Home that was created by Robert Moore. (Courtesy photo)

But, now, things have gotten worse for Moore, who has been battling the flu this winter. Because of his medical history, he’s been in and out of the hospital, which has made him miss work.

That’s where Bisch and other friends stepped in.

Since February, when the fundraiser page opened, people from all over have donated over $4,900. The goal is to get to $10,000.

“It is a disparate group of people who have donated [to the cause],” said Bisch.

Moore has been overwhelmed by the support.

“Dear friends, I can’t express my gratitude for your generosity and compassion in my time of need,” he wrote on the page.

Top: Robert Moore enjoying some sunshine on the beach. (Courtesy photo)