Are you a busy woman who always wanted to finish up your degree?

The Babylon Village Women’s Club is here to give people that extra bit of motivation.

Each year, the nonprofit awards a scholarship to a woman living in the local area who wants to either go back to school or register for the first time.

The caveat is the candidate can’t be coming directly from high school.

“There was a lot of scholarships for high school kids going to college, but we wanted to do a scholarship fund for returning women,” said the women’s club founder, Kim Rose Berry.

This year’s award is $1,000.

All of the award money is fundraised through different charity events that the Babylon Village Women’s Club hosts each year. One of its biggest events is the club’s annual holiday auction. Last year, the organizers were able to get 50 baskets donated by local businesses.

“I was blown away by how generous all the businesses in town have been,” said the club’s scholarship fund chair, Kristen Morse.

Morse believes that helping women return to college is a win-win for everyone.

“The entire community is coming together and we are investing in the future for the community,” she said. “A mother having a degree makes her child more likely to go to college themselves.”

And next year’s scholarship fundraising is already in the works. The Babylon Village Women’s Club will be hosting a big garage sale on Saturday, May 19, with a rain date of May 20.

Anyone who wants to donate an item or two can contact the club via email:

scholarship details

To receive an application please email:

The deadline to apply is April, 30.

Top: Photo courtesy of Jonathan Daniels from Unsplash