Vaping is now prohibited on public property in the Town of Babylon.

After a hearing Wednesday, the Town Board unanimously voted to ban smoking e-cigarettes and any other vaping device in town parks and beaches, playgrounds and pools and other recreational areas.

Even though the law limits where someone can vape, it doesn’t prohibit the sale of the vaping products.

Babylon Town Councilman Terry McSweeney led the effort on the ban after he saw an increase in vape shops and hookah lounges in the area.

“As a father of two young daughters, I can tell you that no parent looks forward to the day their child decides to start smoking,” McSweeney said. “I believe that big tobacco companies have found a way to make smoking fun again by creating flavors like cotton candy and marketing them through the use of cartoon characters.

“I am proud to limit their ability to reach our children.”

According to the law, anyone who is found using these devices will be subject to fines that reach upward of $250.

“I am happy to support Councilman McSweeney in his efforts to limit the abilities of vape and hookah businesses to advertise to our children,” said Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer. “Brightly-colored advertising for enticing flavors of smoking products have no place near our schools or parks, and I believe our vote yesterday shows the Town Board’s commitment to this strategy.”

Top: Photo courtesy of Itay Kabalo from Unsplash