If you are in the market for a new puppy, you’re in luck.

Pandemonium Boutique in Babylon is hosting a special “Rescue and Dress You” event on Saturday, May 5, that will be featuring adoptable furbabies from the nonprofit Yorkie911 Rescue.

Yorkie911 Rescue — founded in 2010 — has one sole mission: “Pawtecting those that cannot Pawtect themselves.”

Heidi Walker created the organization to rescue Yorkies, but it has expanded to include all dogs under 15 pounds.

Over the last eight years, Walker has helped rescue over 1,000 dogs.

According to Yorkie911, the majority of its rescue dogs come from owner surrenders. Others are rescued from puppy mills and kill shelters from across the U.S.

Before finding the dogs new homes, Yorkie911 gives each four-legged companion proper medical attention.

“We have repaired eyes, fixed hernias, reset legs, liver surgeries,” Walker said.

After the dogs are healed, Yorkie911 partners with places like Pandemonium Boutique in Babylon Village for adoption showings.

“This is a fun event for us,” said Walker. “Its exposure for our dogs.”

So from noon to 5 p.m., Yorkie911 will be showcasing its dogs. In order to adopt, however, each adopter must go through a vetting process.

“We want to make sure the dogs are going to a safe home,” said Walker, who lives in Smithtown.

One of the safe homes has included that of Pandemonium Boutique’s owner, Jacqueline DiDonato, who previously adopted through the group.

“It’s a great event and even better cause,” said DiDonato.

In addition to adoptions, Pandemonium, located at 220 Deer Park Avenue, will be bringing in a Spring Trunk show, raffles, and food from local eateries and bakeries.

There will be a 25 percent off discount for any one clothing item purchased.

A portion of the day’s sales will be donated to Yorkie911 Rescue.

” I met Jackie many years ago,” said Walker. “She always donates, she is amazing.”

Top: Photo courtesy of Heidi Walker. 

Yorkie911 Rescue founder, Heidi Walker, with three rescuees.