Two well-accomplished students from Babylon Junior-Senior High School have been named valedictorian and salutatorian for the Class of 2018.

For displaying exceptional academic record and commitment to learning, the school district honored seniors Danish Farooq as valedictorian and Sophia Sherman as salutatorian.

Danish Farooq now takes his 104.1 weighted GPA to Northeastern University

Sophia Sherman earned a 103.8 GPA and is heading to UNC/Chapel Hill in the fall.

“The biggest thing about both of them is their level of involvement – both in our school and community,” said Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s principal, Al Cirone.

“Danish is really big on giving back and making this planet a better place for everyone, whereas with Sophia, any time a student is looking for a mentor or a tutor, her name pops up immediately,” he said. “We just couldn’t be prouder of both of these incredible students.”

Top: (L-R) The Class of 2018’s salutatorian, Sophia Sherman, poses with valedictorian, Danish Farooq. (Photo courtesy of Babylon School District)