Babylon Village just got a brand new salt cave.

Opulence New York, the village’s newest wellness spa, opened last week at 11 West Main Street in the former home of Simply Wax and Lash Studio.

Opulence’s owner, Genevieve Cancel, describes the customer experience as a place “where wellness meets luxury.”

And by luxury, Cancel isn’t necessarily talking about spending lavishly.

“Luxurious doesn’t always mean wealthy, it is about how you feel about yourself,” said the Seaford resident. “You’re going to feel good inside and outside when you leave here.”

Opulence offers a wide range of services from massages and facial treatments to spray tanning and aromatherapy.

There is also a nutritionist handy to help with weight loss and hormonal support.

“There is something for everybody here,” says Cancel.

As far as the salt cave goes, it is designed to help improve health and mood.

“The cave is made up of Pink Himalayan Salt, which has 84 minerals in it,” explained Cancel. “It is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.”

With its many benefits, salt therapy, known as halotherapy, can help a variety of people, from those suffering from respiratory illnesses to people with chronic bodily pain.

“One session of just sitting back and relaxing can help with a lot,” said Cancel.

There are many services offered inside the cave, like meditation classes as well as massages.

In addition to bringing a salt cave in Babylon Village, Opulence is importing rare products from around the globe, from places like Hawaii, Jordan, and Hungary.

“We have mud and minerals that are from the Dead Sea,” said Cancel. “You can’t get that everywhere.”

Cancel feels like Opulance will fit right in with the Babylon neighborhood.

“Babylon is a well-knit, tight community and I like that,” she said.  “I like to get involved and to give back to charities.”

To learn more about Opulence New York and its service, click here

Top: Opulence New York owner Genevieve Cancel (Middle) with employees Deanna Santorro (right) and Jennifer Hagenberg (left). (Credit: Nicholas Esposito) 

Outside view of Opulence New York.

The salt cave inside Opulence New York.

A multipurpose room used for aromatherapy and spray tanning.

The lobby at Opulence New York.

One of the two massage rooms.