Vacation vibes in our own backyard.

That’s the feel of Cedar Beach’s new upcoming beachfront restaurant called Salt Shack Seaside Grill.

“We brought a lot of palm trees from the South to give it a tropical feel,” Salt Shack co-owner James Bonnano told GreaterBabylon this week.

The Salt Shack is located in the former Beach Hut home at the beach off Ocean Parkway. It opened last month.

Out of the 85 groups seeking to run the beach concessions after the Beach Hut ran its course, the bid was awarded to the team of Long Island restauranteurs.

That partnership combines the owners of Dublin Deck in Patchogue with the owners of The Tap Room and Bango Bowls, each of which have locations across the island.

“After an intensive selection process, we chose the Salt Shack for the premium food and top-notch entertainment they offer,” said Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer. “I know I speak for everyone at the Town of Babylon when I say I am very excited to welcome the Salt Shack to Babylon’s beach scene.”

The group is excited to work together again.

“I learned the business from these guys,” said Bonnano, who used to bartend at Dublin Deck. “It is fun to come full circle.”

“Now we are learning from him,” said Mark Miller.

Since taking over the property in April, the goal of the Salt Shack team is to serve high-quality food with fast service.

“A lot of the business is volleyball generated,” explained Miller. “We want to serve food and drinks in a timely fashion.”

The Salt Shack, which has a rooftop bar, will offer a wide-ranging menu that will be seafood focused.

There will also be a Bango Bowls location inside, serving up acai and poke bowls.

“It’s a good quick, healthy meal,” said Bonnano, “It is great for families at the beach.”

Live entertainment will also be a big part of the new venture.

Opening night will be kicked with help from the reggae band King Wellington.

“We booked Long Island’s top bands,” added another Salt Shack co-owner, Scottie Campbell.

The group has also taken over operations at the neighboring Overlook Beach Club, where they will be serving the same menu items.

Parking for both locations will be free starting at 5 p.m., before then non-residents will have to pay a parking fee.

“This is the most stunning location I have ever been involved in,” said Miller. “I am excited for this summer.”

Scroll down to see photos of the new Salt Shack and Overlook Beach Club.

Top: The men behind the Salt Shack. (L-R) Kevin Boehning, Dave Johnson, Scottie Campbell, James Bonnano, and Mark Miller. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)