If you didn’t know, May is National Stroke Awareness Month.

And to raise awareness, Good Samaritan Hospital and the Babylon Rotary Club have teamed up for the first-ever Stroke Health and Prevention presentation on Tuesday, May 22.

“This seminar apart a series of initiatives to promote awareness for strokes,” said Dr. Kimon Bekelis, who will be presenting.

Dr. Bekelis, a neurosurgeon, is the director of Good Samaritans’ new Stroke & Brain Aneurysm Center.

“We want to engage the community to show we are not only a hospital that sees patients when emergency but we are out there engaging with healthy people to keep them healthy,” he said.

The event will run from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Babylon Public Library at 24 South Carll Avenue.

The focus of the day is the preventative factors for strokes through lifestyle modifications like eating healthier and exercising.

“Majority of strokes are not controlling risk factors or healthy lifestyles,” said Bekelis.

According to Bekelis, people with a higher risk for a stroke include those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and smokers.

In addition to a presentation, executive chef John Vaeth will be on hand showcasing healthy alternatives to cook.

The Babylon Rotary Club is proud to collaborate on an effort that could help save lives, they told us.

“This is a great initiative that Good Samaritan has put forth into the community, in creating this stroke center, and we are proud to help get the word out about this facility, and the amazing doctor that is running the program, Dr. Kimon Bekelis,” said the club’s past president, Megan Noble.

Top: Dr. Kimon Bekelis (middle) with his staff at the Stroke & Brain Aneurysm Center of Long Island. (Photo courtesy of Facebook.)