The instantly popular edible mystery tours that started in Patchogue Village last year are now expanding to Babylon.

The company that runs the tours is called Food Done It?

The latest adventure for the hungry and inquisitive launches next month.

For the uninitiated, the edible mystery tour involves small to large groups of “sleuths” who fan out into the downtown and find clues that carry them from restaurant to restaurant in order to solve a crime.

The couple behind Food Done It?, Elizabeth and Kevin Hindley, are calling the new tour launching in Babylon “The Ghost of Capsaicin.”

This is actually a sequel to Patchogue Village’s “Fire and Ice” tour.

“‘Fire and Ice’ is about a hot chili-eating champion that is found dead — frozen solid — after the contest,” explained Elizabeth. “The guy who was dead is named Clayton Capsaicin.”

Now, in the Babylon Village challenge, various foods are turning up spicy — when they shouldn’t be — with people blaming Capsaicin’s ghost.

Foodies who enter the tour will be trying to uncover the spicy dilemma.

According to the owners, each mystery has six stops, which could last around four hours altogether. And the food flows, so participants are warned to pace themselves early.

In addition to the tours happening in Patchogue and Babylon Village, the company also launched another mystery in Huntington Village earlier this summer.

You can follow Food Done It? on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Click here to book.

Top: Courtesy photos of sleuths in Patchogue Village. 

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