Gino’s Pizzeria of Babylon is adding some bagel shop-style options to its menu. The new items include garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and salt.

All mixed up together.

On Thursday, Aug. 30, at the first installment of the Babylon Block Party, Gino’s will be launching its Everything Crust pizza, garlic knots, and chicken rolls.

According to ownership, no other pizzeria on Long Island is those same exact options right now.

“We have over the last two weeks come up with different blends, and we think its awesome,” said Gino’s owner Keith Dahmen, who has been serving up pizza for over two decades.

Dahmen said he wanted to add the new items since his sesame seed pies have been a hit with customers.

“Some places do sesame seed pizzas, but they are only in the crust,” said Dahmen. “Getting the seeds on the bottom of the pie, cooking it on the stone. That’s the way we cook it here.”

On Thursday, Aug. 23, reporter Nick Esposito was invited Gino’s at 258 Deer Park Avenue for a sneak peek of the items. Scroll down to see photos.

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