The Town of Babylon is taking steps toward sprucing up unsightly gas stations through a new, town-wide initiative called Operation Gas Station.

After examining over 70 gas stations throughout the town, Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer and other officials zeroed in on the ones in need of some serious TLC.

Now the town will be giving individualized suggestions for each location. Some of the suggestions might include filling growing potholes, improving fences, repainting and replacing or relocating garbage receptacles, among others.

As incentive, the town will then announce regularly which three businesses have improved the most in recent weeks or months.

“We wanted to try something new, to have government actually work with businesses, and reward them” for doing their part, said Schaffer. “Instead of government dictating and telling people what to do, or using a heavy stick, we want to work in partnerships.”

The town is also teaming up with the Long Island Gas Retailers Association.

“We started going out last week, talking to our members, showing what the town’s initiative is,” said the group’s executive director, Chris Daniello. “We have gotten a very positive response that the town is trying to partner with us and not trying to beat them up — to make their area nicer looking, and to make their station nicer looking.”

Schaffer will be announcing some early results next month.

Top: Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer announcing his new Operation Gas Station initiative. (Town of Babylon courtesy photos)