They’re saying it “just makes good sense.”

So Suffolk County is rolling out an amnesty program so those sitting on parking or red-light camera tickets can pay them without hefty penalties.

Even moving violations are part of the program, which runs from Dec. 5 through Feb. 20.

Sounds like a nice carrot, right? But there’s a stick involved. After Feb. 20, vehicles that have multiple outstanding fines will be subject to booting and towing.

“An amnesty program just makes good sense,” said county Legislator Doc Spencer (D-Huntington). “There is a way we can administer the program that prioritizes the safety of our roadways and provide an opportunity for drivers to come up to date with any outstanding violations. Administrative costs and late fees can often make it impossible for some to clear their record and the amnesty will help to meet them half-way.”

The county is attempting to put a dent in exactly $56,769,980 in unpaid violations, according to the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violation Agency.

But amnesty will not apply to cases where a judge has suspended the driver’s registration and privilege to register a motor vehicle in New York State, or cases in which a hearing for suspension is pending, reads an announcement issued by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s office.

The program also includes moving violations that have been pled to parking tickets.

Those interested in taking advantage of the amnesty program can visit Suffolk County Traffic Court in the H. Lee Dennison Building at 100 Veterans Memorial Highway in Hauppauge before Feb. 20. If you have questions, call 866-637-0008 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except during the holidays.