Kids need more, and they will be getting more this holiday season thanks to a nonprofit with the same namesake.

Kids Need More, an Amityville-based organization that helps families affected by severe childhood diseases, is hosting its fourth annual HoLiDAY CHEER BUS Elf Ride.

The event, held Sunday, Dec. 23, is similiar to stuff-a-bus, where the community is called on to donate presents — enough to fill up a bus.

But instead of just collecting gifts, the HoLiDAY CHEER BUS Elf Ride calls on the community to ride along in the gift-filled busses and help deliver the toys.  The bus will stop at nearly 250 families’ homes coping with cancer or other life-treating illnesses across Long Island, according to Kids Need More.

“We started this event knowing that all parents feel the pressure to make the season magical for their children,”said Kids Need More president, Melissa Firmes. “But when families are stressed with medical visits, painful treatments, and financial burdens, taking part in holiday festivities can be overwhelming.”

Firmes, along with many others, will be dressed up for the holidays while passing along the holiday cheer.

“We wanted to make the experience not only wonderful for the children, but also as a gift to the entire family, and a way for everyone to enjoy the holiday together,” she said.

The day will begin at 600 Albany Avenue at 9:30 a.m. The busses depart at 10 a.m.

For more information, click here.

Top: Courtesy photo from last year’s HoLiDAY CHEER BUS Elf Ride.