They may not be related by blood, but they’re sisters nonetheless.

At least, that’s what the sign is going to say.

Longtime friends and restaurant workers Kristen Lapof, Lauren Nash and Sara Pesserillo — who each hail from different parts of Suffolk County — are teaming up to launch their own restaurant in Lindenhurst.

“We [work in a Massapequa restaurant] every day together,” said Pesserillo, of Smithtown. “We figured to create a concept we want, while getting to work with our best friends every day.”

So they came up with the idea of launching an Hispanic-inspired spot called Hermanas Kitchen & Cocktails in the former space that held Sorto’s Top Bun Burgers & Fries at 136 South Wellwood Avenue.

Hermanas is Spanish for sisters, which is apropos, considering how the three owners feel toward one another.

“We all clicked right away,” said Lapof. “We spend a lot of time together, more so than we do with our significant others.”

The three friends, all 35, met in 2005 when they began working at Mulcahy’s in Centereach. They later went on to work together at Massapequa Park’s The Good Life.

After working at the English pub for nine years as bartenders, servers, and managers, the friends felt more was on the horizon for them.

“In this industry, you don’t have a future unless you create one for yourself,” said Nash.

“We are three females operating and owning the business 100 percent on our own,” added Pesserillo. “We worked for men our whole lives and it feels nice to do it yourself.”

The Hermanas concept, which includes plans for a 10-seat bar with open seating for around 35 additional seats, will offer food and drinks inspired by countries with Hispanic heritage.

The owners hope to open sometime this spring.

Staple menu item will include empanadas, tacos, pernil and tostones.

“We all gravitate toward that type of cuisine because there are so many inspirations to draw from,” said Lapof, of Holbrook. “And we love spicy.”

Some dish ideas will stem from Nash’s roots; she’s of Puerto Rican descent.

“My mom is definitely going to be sharing her recipes for her flavorful dishes,” said Nash, who grew up in Lindenhurst.

The three chose Lindenhurst because of the business-friendly feel of the area.

“We considered a bunch of villages and other communities, but we continued to look in Lindenhurst,” said Nash. “It’s a community that works together and supports each other.”

(L-R) Hermanas Kitchen & Cocktails owners Kristen Lapof, Sara Pesserillo and Lauren Nash.

The former Sorto’s Top Bun Burgers & Fries on South Wellwood Avenue.