Lindenhurst’s nonprofit restaurant Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails prides itself on giving back to the community.

To do so, the husband-and-wife ownership team, Billy and Nicole Miller, set up a plan through which two charities every quarter will benefit from the restaurant’s net profits.

After opening in August, the numbers are in for the first two local beneficiaries: Suffolk County United Veterans and the Christina Renna Foundation.

The Christina Renna Foundation was awarded $14,272.96, while Suffolk County United Veterans received $13,175.

“Restoration Kitchen is a wonderful addition to our community,” said Jo-Ann Boettcher of the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce. “To be a generous couple that shares their profits, that’s what Lindenhurst is all about.”

Billy and Nicole chose each foundation after an extensive vetting process. The patrons ultimately decided how much money each organization would receive.

how it works

Whenever someone eats at Restoration Kitchen, they are given information about each organization. After their meal is over, everyone at the table is given a coin and has a choice of which cause speaks to them more.

There are two flower pots that represent each foundation. The patrons then place a coin in one of them. The coins dictate what percentage of the profits each group gets.

The owners were ecstatic to make their first donations.

“We are honored to bring funds and, more importantly, awareness to a foundation that is changing society right before our eyes, a foundation helping our neighbors, friends, and colleagues,” Billy Miller said in a statement released this week by Suffolk County United Veterans.

next to benefit

Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition and the Beat Lives On. are the next two charities that will benefit from the food and drinks served at Restoration Kitchen.

The profits will be tallied and donated after April.

Top: Billy and Nicole Miller presenting a check to the Suffolk County United Veterans. (Courtesy)

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