It was a big party at The Brixton in Babylon on Sunday night.

At 8 p.m., several local bars and restaurants stopped by 111 Deer Park Avenue for the first-ever “SHOOK on the Block” friendly bartender competition.

For a $5 entry fee, patrons were able to try different concoctions, while all the proceeds from the night, $600, were donated to the nonprofit Paws of War.

In addition to The Brixton, the participants included Barrique, Molto Vino, Monsoon, The Villager, The Local, Mary Carroll’s, Del Fuego, The Post Office, and Lily Flanagan’s.

The competition had three local judges, which included  Babylon Chamber of Commerce’s president Kelly Peckholdt, Argyle Theatre co-owner Dylan Perlman, and Brittany Colasanto of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Each bartender had five minutes to create their best cocktail to impress the group.

Coming in first place was Molto Vino, followed by The Post Office, and Monsoon.

“We’re hoping that this can become an event that will further the camaraderie that exists in Babylon Village,” said a spokesperson from The Brixton.

Top: (L-R) The SHOOK’s three judges Argyle Theatre co-owner Dylan Perlman, Brittany Colasanto of Good Samaritan Hospital, and Babylon Chamber of Commerce’s president Kelly Peckholdt. (Credit: Instagram