Freshly made donuts are coming to Babylon Village.

The owners of Lynbook’s popular donut shop Doughology told GreaterBabylon that a second location is in the works at 80 West Main Street, next to La Famiglia.

The company, founded by husband and wife team of Chris and Jackie Stiansen, plans to swing its doors open this spring.

“There was just something about Babylon that pulled us in,” said Chris on the expansion. “We love the community-feel and it seems very family oriented.”

Doughology, founded in 2016, is known for its specialty creations such as its rainbow cookie, snicker, and maple bacon donuts.

In addition to the doughy treats, Doughology also serves coffee, baked muffins, fried Oreos, as well as having a waffle bar.

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Top: Speciality donut made from Doughology. (Credit: Facebook