The summer starts early this year.

Cedar Beach’s Salt Shack announced it is opening on Friday, May 3.

“We had an amazing first summer,” said Salt Shack co-owner James Bonnano. “We’re excited for this year, we have a lot in store for everyone.”

Last year, the old Beach Hut was transformed into a beach oasis with a rooftop bar when the owners of Dublin Deck in Patchogue teamed with the owners of The Tap Room and Bango Bowls for its takeover. The group also took over the operations at the neighboring Overlook Beach Club.

In addition to having tropical beverages and a wide-ranging menu that is seafood-focused, the owners used the property to host live music and events.

Check back to learn more about this year’s upcoming events.

To learn more about the Salt Shack, click below.

Salt Shack Seaside Grill opens in old Beach Hut at Cedar Beach