It’s that time of year again to catch some fluke.

New York State runs the summer flounder season from May 4 to Sept. 30, allowing anglers to catch up to four flukes per fishing trip.

To learn some of the best practices, GreaterBabylon spoke with fishing expert Brenden Rutigliano, who is the owner of the award-winning Captree Fuel, Bait and Tackle shop.

This year, the Lindenhurst resident’s business was named “2019 Best Tackle Shop on Long Island” by the Bethpage Best of Long Island award contest. 

what to know

According to Rutigliano, the best spots to find the flatfish early in the season is in shallow waters.

“The flukes love warm water,” he said. “Shallow water warms up faster, so piers and beaches are the best places to find fluke early in the summer.”

Each year, he says people do really well at the Captree Pier by the channel.

In those shallow waters, the fluke hide in holes or valleys along the bottom of the Great South Bay and pop up to snack on unexpecting bait.

The go-to bait to lure fluke is spearing and squid, as well as gulp and bucktails.

Because of the fish’s tendencies, the tackle shop owner recommends bouncing or jigging a bucktail along the floor of the bay.

On Long Island, the biggest fluke get to around 10 to 12 pounds, so lighter fishing equipment is recommended.

So far this season, Rutigliano saw a fisherman pull in a 7.7-pounder while fishing on a charter boat called the Laura Lee. Scroll down to see it.

Last year, the biggest fluke he saw reeled in off the Captree Pier was 9 pounds.

For more advice, call Captree Fuel, Bait and Tackle at (631) 587-3430.

Harry Beak catching a 7.7-pound fluke on the Laura Lee.

Top: Andrew Silverman and his 4.4-pound summer flounder he caught at the Captree Pier. (Courtesy photo.)