Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails is going all-in on al fresco.

Lindenhurst’s immensely popular nonprofit restaurant just won approvals to build a wraparound porch for more outdoor seating on East Hoffman Avenue.

Owner Billy Miller isn’t wasting any time.

“I expect to start Monday; that’s my plan,” he told GreaterBabylon this week. “Everything should be done by Friday.”

The 27 x 13-foot deck will make space for 30 more diners. The smaller porch at the building’s front will be turned into strictly a bar scene.

What’s more, Miller  secured a cabaret license through the village, and has plans for live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday afternoons.

He’s looking to book acoustic acts, either solos or duos. And, he’s pumped.

“Outdoor seating is the way to go,” he said. “Give me a good beer and some good music and let me sit outside and I’m in heaven. That’s all I need.”

Restoration Kitchen also just updated its food and cocktail menus for summer.

And, the restaurant added two new charities to benefit for the second quarter of 2019: The Heather Pendergast Fund and Long Island Coalition Against Bullying.

Visit Restoration Kitchen to learn more about the charities.

how the nonprofit model works

Every four months, Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails donates its net-profits to two Long Island-based nonprofit organizations.

When each patron sits to eat, they are given information about each organization. After their meal is over, everyone at the table is given a coin, where they have a choice of which cause speaks to them more.

There are two flower pots that represent each foundation.

At the end of the four months, the percentage of coins in each part represents that amount of money is donated to each charity — after all the salaries and other expenses are paid.

“You pick which charity that you believe in or speaks to you,” said Miller.

Top: The existing porch outside Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails (Michael White)

The story of Long Island’s new nonprofit restaurant, open in Lindenhurst

The east side of the building where the new deck is being built. (Michael White)