This is the first spring for the all-new Lindenhurst Village Market at Village Square.

On May 18, longtime village resident, Kristin Fusaro, launched the outing that features 20 to 25 local vendors every other Saturday until Nov. 2.

“I love being really involved in my community,” said Fusaro, who has lived in Lindenhurst for 11 years.  “I want to make sure that we always have something happening in the neighborhood that is family-friendly.”

The village market, sponsored by the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce, runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It has a variety of sellers, such as The Pickling Poet, which is an English professor who sells pickles and jams, and artisan loaves of bread from Tat2dBaker, among others.

“We have great merchants, and we are even considering having select dates with longer hours for food trucks later in the year,” said Fusaro.

The event organizer got the idea of running the village market after the local market started to fall by the wayside.

“It was outsourced to a third-party organization,” she told GreaterBabylon. “I stepped in August and said, ‘Let’s bring this back,'”

Fusaro quickly organized four dates in the fall— and they were a big hit.

“We had pumpkin picking, bounce house for the kids, popcorn, and plenty of vendors,” she said.

In addition to organizing the event, Fusaro is also on hand as a vendor where she works with Young Living Essentials Oils.

“It is two prongs for me,” she said. “I get to make sure there is something great going in my neighborhood, and it also offers me an opportunity to be a vendor in my own backyard.”

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Top: Jams being sold at the Lindenhurst Village Market from The Pickling Poet (Credit: Instagram).