by Matthew Ambrosio |

I woke up this morning and realized I have a fridge covered in invites for birthdays, showers and weddings. It’s clear we Long Islanders are ready to party hardy.

Exciting as that sounds — or exhausting as that sounds, depending on how you look at it — there’s always some work to do before any summer gathering.

So, what to bring our friends and family members on their special day this summer?

Here’s some great suggestions that will make you look oh-so-thoughtful.

Handmade & personalized sea glass jewelry

Jewelry is always a good choice, but for me it’s not a summer style unless you can get it wet. For beach goers with gills that wear bracelets and anklets all season long think durable, secure and from the sea.

As a native beachcomber I can’t think of any better gift to bring than handmade sea glass jewelry by Dana Deshler of Long Island Beach Glass Company.

The pieces are made high of quality materials and adorned with naturally surf tumbled glass only from Long Island beaches. You pick the type and color of glass and materials. They are totally customizable and sparkle brilliantly after a swim. Visit @LIBeachGlassCompany on Facebook to find the perfect gift of jewelry, framed art and more. Pieces start at $30.