The Babylon Beautification Society has made a concerted effort to help clean up the Babylon train station.

Last year, the BBS planted over a dozen trees at the train station, along Railroad Avenue and Depot Place, and now has plans to spruce up a triangular plot of land in that area.

On the corner of Railroad Avenue and Depot Place, across the street from The Local, sits a piece of property that is becoming an eyesore in the downtown.

“There is a loitering problem over there, and we want to help curb that,” said Frank Petruzzo, president of the Babylon Beautification Society.

To do so, the non-profit organization will be closing off the parcel of land with a black fence, while adding a “Welcome to Babylon Village” sign.

“The whole area inside the fence will be landscaped and done over too,” Petruzzo told GreaterBabylon.

If everything goes to plan, Petruzzo said the beautification project will begin sometime this fall and completed by the end of the year.

The Babylon Beautification Society will be collecting donations for this plan at its first-ever Gazebo-Palooza on Saturday, Aug.10.

Click the link below to learn more about that event.

Live music and more is in store for Babylon Village’s first ‘Gazebo-Palooza’

Top: The parcel of land between Railroad Avenue and Depot Place in Babylon Village that will be upgraded this year.