Even though he wasn’t on active duty, this Suffolk County police officer was ready to jump into action to save a life.

According to the Suffolk County Police Department’s Facebook page, it details how police officer Craig Capobianco helped an injured surfer at Gilgo Beach last weekend.

“When Suffolk County Police Officer Craig Capobianco decided to go surfing at Gilgo Beach last weekend, he expected to soak up the sun, catch some waves, and have a good time,” the page writes. “But as any police officer will tell you, you are never truly off-duty.”

While surfing, he noticed a fellow wave rider take a hard crash into a wave.

The 24-year-old surfer, Mia Imbesi, emerged from the water looking pale with a deep laceration in her leg and in need of help, the department describes.

“Officer Capobianco put the woman on her surfboard and raced toward shore,” said the police department’s spokesperson. “When he got close enough to shore, he carried the victim to the beach where several Good Samaritans immediately joined in the efforts and put pressure on her leg to stop the bleeding.”

Imbesi, a Huntington native, was soon sent to West Islip’s Good Samaritan Hospital where she received 54 stitches.

“Thank you, Officer Capobianco, for a job well done…and we wish Mia a speedy recovery,” Suffolk County Police Department finished the post.

Below is a photo of surfer Mia Imbesi. Photos courtesy of Suffolk County Police Department.

Top: Suffolk County Police Officer Craig Capobianco in front of his patrol car.