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Jake Carlock’s journey isn’t over with Big Blue.

After not making the 53-person roster, the Babylon and LIU Post product was added to the New York Giants practice team on Sunday.

“Back to work,” the linebacker/defensive back/long snapper wrote on Twitter after joining the 10-man group.

As a practice squad player, Carlock will train with the team, however, he won’t be allowed to suit up for games until he is promoted to the active roster.

Adding practice team members to game-day rosters is common in the NFL with the league’s propensity for injuries and personnel changes.

(To learn more about the rules and compensation for being an NFL practice player click here.)

The undrafted free agent got his start with the Giants when he signed with the team following this year’s draft.

He quickly caught the attention of his coaches during the preseason, where he recorded two tackles, a sack, and a 59-yard Pick-6 during four games played.

“He’s a really good learner, a great kid, he’s working exceptionally hard, and he’s falling in line with all of the other rookies that are trying to figure out their process,” Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher told USA Today during the preseason.

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