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Sherry’s Market, which has been offering up organic, natural foods since long before it was cool (1970), also knows how to support local, and Made in America.

GreaterBabylon dipped in last week and found these great food products from companies from not only Long Island, but the West Coast.

Aside from what you see in the pics, Sherry’s also offers 100% organic produce, vitamins, supplements, cruelty free cosmetics and more.

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TerraNut, West Babylon

How about a nut punch?

OK, we know what you’re thinking, that sounds like some sort of … drink.

These are actually billed as superfood snacks, and the the Paleo, Pnut, Nut and Hemp Punches are prepared right here in West Babylon, by the TerraNut company.

According to this article from July, the punches are nutrient dense snacks that are 100 percent vegan, and gluten- and soy-free.

A company representative also told the snacks stabilize blood sugar, satisfy hunger and provide an energy boost.