Trisha Kusinitz is at her best when she is building up tomorrow’s leaders and helping grow organizations.

That’s why, in 2016, the Babylon Village resident and human resources expert opened tkSolutions — a company offering professional coaching for individuals and corporate training to companies.

“I love this work,” said Kusinitz, who has worked in the field for last 15 years. “It is so positive and empowering.”

Over the last few years, Kusinitz has been on the road meeting with clients in local coffee shops and office spaces across New York City and Long Island.

But, she wasn’t seeing the best results.

“Sometimes coffee shops were too noisy,” Kusinitz told GreaterBabylon, “Sometimes the client wanted to talk about something personal and be one-on-one.”

To better serve her clientele and open up her services to the public, Kusinitz will be opening a space in downtown Babylon Village called Work Shop.

Work Shop, scheduled to open next month, will be located at 65 Deer Park Avenue, in the former space that held ArtSea Studio, which moved upstairs into a larger room.

“I love Babylon,” she said. “The community has been supportive of me and the work that I am doing.”

Kusinitz, who is an accredited professional certified coach through the International Coach Federation, focuses on building leadership skills while working with clients on all aspects of their careers. She’s also a life coach, too.

“Some people want to get promoted at work, others need help dealing with a difficult boss… some organizations hire me to help uplift spirits during transitional periods,” she explained.

At times, Work Shop will be closed for one-on-one meetings, but at other times, there will be classes open to the public. There will be a schedule of upcoming activities posted on the store’s door.

The space, which can hold up to 18 people, can also be rented out for team-building workshops.

“I love the energy that happens when you get a group filled with people,” said the Manorville native.

In addition to coaching services, there will also be a retail component.

“We’re going to have office items that are practical, inspirational, and some fun,” she said.

Those include empowerment books, book bags, planters, and funny pencils.

“We’ll have the perfect gifts for people joining the workforce, or people who work in an office,” she said.

As Work Shop grows, Kusinitz is hoping people will use the space to work on their own projects.

“I want to offer people a place where if they need a few hours to work,” she said. “It’s BYOD (bring your own device) — we have wifi and printing capabilities.”

To learn more about Kusinitz make sure to follow her on Facebook.

Top: Trisha Kusinitz in her new office space in Babylon Village on Deer Park Avenue.

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