It’s time to get your Japenese on in Lindenhurst Village.

Earlier this week, the South Shore’s new izakaya-style eatery and pub called Bakuto opened to the public with a soft opening at 121 North Wellwood Avenue

While the restaurant hasn’t received its liquor license yet, patrons were able to try the establishment’s Japenese-inspired dishes, such as its robatayaki (a Japenese style of grilling over charcoal), crudo section (raw fish), steamed buns, and ramen and other variations of handmade noodles.

Later this month, Bakuto plans to roll out its cocktail menu that includes a variety of sakes.

As previously reported, Bakuto — founded by friends Zach Rude, Vin D’Eletto, Rachel Voges — wanted to fill a void in the downtown.

“There is nothing like this around here,” Rude previously told GreaterBabylon. “I heard rumblings that this town was turning around, we came and looked at it and there is so much about to happen here, so much promise.”

Since being open, the community has rallied behind the establishment’s laid-back, yet upscale vibe and its flavorful dishes.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Voges. “It’s been really, really exciting.”

According to the owners, one of the fan favorites has been the Crispy Chicken Bun, which is made with katsu chicken thigh, salted garlic ranch and seasonal picks.

Another top hit is the Okinawa Sweet Potato Fries.

“We make it with the Japenese sweet potato, which is a little starchier than a traditional sweet potato; it’s sweet and creamy on the inside,” said Rude, who is also the executive chef of Verde Kitchen & Cocktails in Bay Shore.

The fries made with shrimp-based salt, scallion bonito flake, and brussel sprout kimchi.

Leading up to the opening, Bakuto introduced itself to the community by having pop-ups at next door’s meadery, W A Meadwerks.

“Everyone in town has been super supportive of us,” said Voges. “The sense of community here is really special.”

Scroll down to see photos of Bakuto and its dishes.

the dishes

Robatayaki chicken skewers
Cold ramen
Robatayaki Bakuto Grilled Wings
(L-R) Sweet Potato Bun and Crispy Chicken Bun
Spicy Beef and Garlic Udon

the restaurant

(L-R) Bakuto bar manager Patrick Capellini with owners Rachel Voges and Zach Rude

below are interior shots courtesy of Bakuto

prior coverage