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The operator of Pandemonium Boutique wanted to do something special for the woman’s fashion retailer 14-year anniversary.

That’s when owner Jacqueline DiDonato decided it was time to add home decor to her store at 220 Deer Park Avenue.

“We are beyond excited to announce the launch of a home decor section inside Pandemonium Boutique curated by Urban Farmhouse,” said DiDonato in a release.

The Urban Farmhouse, which has two locations in Bellmore Village, specializes in decor, furnishings, and styling.

Beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 5, Pandemonium rolled out its collaboration with Urban Farmhouse.

DiDonato says the idea of bringing in this new product line was suggested many times by her patrons.

She’s excited to see what they think of the selection.

“Every day we work to make our clients feel and look beautiful, and now you will have the opportunity to bring something home to make your house feel and look the same,” she said.

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