Since October, Bakuto has been dishing out freshly-made steam buns, homemade ramen, and other Japenese-inspired dishes in the Village of Lindenhurst.

Now, after securing its liquor license this week, the Izakaya-style pub is ready for patrons to try something from its creative concoction selection.

According to the owners, Bakuto will be offering an extensive cocktail list comprising of several sections.

One is its Kanpai section (meaning cheers in Japenese), which will consist of drinks found at classic Izakayas overseas.

“Our Signature cocktails feature flavors of Japan,” said co-owner Rachel Voges. “The names of each being the dominant flavor in the said cocktail.”

Examples of the flavors include:

  • Sesame: Sesame-washed rye whiskey, ginger, yuzu, and orange bitters
  • Jasmine: Gin, unaged brandy, Jasmine tea
  • Umeboshi: Salted fermented plum, a popular Japanese snack

The other component of the drink menu includes its list of sake, Japanese whiskey, beer and wine.

There is also a soft drink and mocktail menu that includes restaurant’s homemade green tea, made with real ginger.

To learn more about Bakuto, which is located at 121 North Wellwood Avenue, see our prior coverage below.

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