Health & Wellness Tips

by Maria Simpson |

Not everyone has time or the money to make it to the gym. Some might not even know what to do if they got there. I am here to help!

This workout only requires you to have a little bit of space and you’re set.

We keep it simple and effective, which is all anyone wants nowadays.

This is a four-move move circuit that will leave your legs shaking from your booty to your toes! You want to do each move consecutively after the last move, and repeat as many times as you can:

20 reps of feet width apart squats

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Focus your weight in your outer corners of your heels and pretend you’re spreading the ground away with your feet.

Poke your booty back and lower to 90 degrees, or as close to that as you can. You want to lower with your glutes and back of legs (hamstrings), so be sure to keep your knees from passing your toes.

Squeeze that booty muscle from the bottom of your squat to the top standing position. Flex your abs as you rise up from your squat.

Never let your back round over.

15 reps of sumo squats

Here your feet are slightly wider then hips apart. Toes and knees point out to each corner of the room. Poke your booty back. Lower to 90 degrees and press up by squeezing your booty and driving weight through your heels.

You will feel this in your inner thighs and abs (even your back).

You want to not stand all the way up, but almost to a stand and melt right back down, figure it like a pulse movement.

15 reps of jump sumo squats

Same form as the sumo squat but you jump up and melt back down into a squat. 

15 sumo spring squats

These are for my low-impact people. This is the same as the sumo squat but you will be focusing on one side at a time, you squat down and spring up with one leg. melting back down into a squat upon landing from the springing motion.

20 standing glute kickback

Stand hip-width apart with soft, non-locked-out knees, with a slight hinge at the waist and tight abs.

Squeeze your glute muscles as hard as you can while lifting the leg back (and not arching your low back), lowering to tap the ground and repeat.

Do two rounds at the very least. Perform as many rounds as you can in the time frame you have to work within.

If you are doing it right, you will be shaking by round 2. Always keep your core engaged! And people, please breathe. No holding your breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth so you process your oxygen instead of pushing it in and out.

Let us know how you did and if you enjoyed my torture, um, help.

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