Joann Donnelly originally opened up her two shops separately in Babylon Village because lash and brow extensions are two totally different experiences. But after almost seven years owning both Little Lash Boutique and Little Brow Boutique, Donnelly decided to merge the two shops into one space on Deer Park Avenue.

“A lot of the lash customers ended up becoming brow customers,” she said. “We wanted to make things more streamline.”

Originally at 23 Deer Park Avenue, Little Brow Boutique opened up after her original lash store opened in 2013. Donnelly wanted to separate the two because she didn’t want both techniques to be considered the same thing.

But eventually, as her clientele grew, she realized having both lash experts and brow experts in the same room was more beneficial.“By merging everything together, we were really able to expand,” she said.

With the merger that took place over the last few weeks, Donnelly is completely revamping the inside. Still, partly under construction, she plans on painting the space, fixing the crown molding and moving some things around.

“It looks totally different than it did before,” she told GreaterBabylon. “And we’re still working on it.”

Donnelly added that the finishing touches should be done after the holidays and she’s beyond excited for the changes.

Now those who want to add a little flair to their face can visit 29 Deer Park Avenue for all the services they need, including a new addition from the boutique — needleless lip injections.

“We’re human,” Donnelly said. “We have pores and we inject a hyaluronic acid formula through specific pores to fill up the lips.”

It costs $200 for the full lip procedure, and if clients want an even fuller lip, they can add more for an additional $75 per vial. Donnelly said that it’s completely natural and, depending on the person, is usually pain-free and lasts two-to-four months.

She added that the shop uses a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face.

Since they added the procedure to the menu, Donnelly said that both men and women have both come down to spruce up their lips. “The needleless lip injections are great for first-time lip augmentation,” she said.

Overall the general response Donnelly is getting from her customers is positive.

“It’s so great to have everyone in the same space,” she said.

Inside look at Little Lash Boutique in Babylon Village.

Top: Joann Donnelly with her dog Snowflake at Little Lash Boutique (All photos by Julianne Mosher).

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