After just three weeks, Babylon’s newest restaurant — Culture Fine Foods & Cocktails — has already started to make a name for itself.

“We’re two-and-a-half weeks in and we’re feeling really good about how it’s coming along,” said co-owner Patrick Mack.

Opening between Christmas and New Year’s, Mack said the ownership team wasn’t sure what to expect.

The outcome has been beyond positive, he said.

“It was a crazy time during the holidays,” Mack told GreaterBabylon. “But it’s been fun. Babylon is a foodie town. A lot of people come out here all the time and we want our restaurant to complement the other restaurants.”

Culture is located in the departed Don Ricardo’s space at 94 East Main Street and is also owned by Mack’s partner and childhood friend, Wells Brauner.

Scroll down for an inside look at Culture, and some food.

Photos by Julianne Mosher, unless otherwise noted.

courtesy photo
courtesy photo