The highly-anticipated arrival Hermanas Kitchen and Cocktails and its Latin American inspired menu is quickly approaching on the South Shore.

Longtime restaurant workers and best friends Kristen Lapof, Lauren Nash and Sara Pesserillo are aiming to launch their eatery later this month in the Village of Lindenhurst.

As previously reported, the friends — who identify with each other as more as sisters than just friends — took over the old Sorto’s Top Bun Burgers & Fries property about a year ago.

Their goal was to start something theirselves after working years together as bartenders, servers, and managers at restaurants/bars on Long Island.

And mission complete.

After heavy renovations at 136 South Wellwood Avenue, the women are excited to share their project with the island.

“We want people to feel like they are hanging out at their friends house with a really nice, cool bar,” said Nash.

Hermanas, which has a 10-seat bar, will be able to 45 patrons in total.

Some of the staple menu items include their empanadas, tacos, and pernil. The owners also want to bring a variety of vegan and vegetarian options to the area.

Over the last few weeks, Hermanas held a few soft openings — one of the go-to dishes was the Stuffed Pepper. The creation is made up of a cubanelle pepper with onion, bell peppers, black beans, cauliflower, rice tomatoes, and avocado cream.

“We serve it on a chipotle sunflower sauce, adding a spicy, smokey heat to it,” said Lapof. “It’s been a big hit.”

As far as cocktails go, diners have enjoyed a connection that pays homage to Dwight Schrute, a fan favorite character from the TV series “The Office”.

The Schrute Farms features tequila, agave, beet, and lime.

“We’ve been juicing everything ourselves,” said Pesserillo. “Everyone really loves it.”

When Hermanas opens, the restaurant will be have dinner hours and will be adding lunch and brunch hours down the line, the owners told GreaterBabylon.

Before they swing their doors open, the team made it a point to thank the village and the local businesses for helping them launch in the downtown.

“Everyone has been so helpful. Billy [Miller] from Restoration Kitchen lent us ice when we needed it, and Joe [Abruzzo] of W A Meadwerks help set up our taps,” said the three. “It was very much appreciated, and it proves to us we picked the right place.”

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Interior shots are by Bello Architects, and food/drink photos are by SMF Photography.