Kristy Furci and Maxine Sterlacci are two sisters from Babylon Village who were tired of the same old take-out options.

“Being a busy mother of two and wanting to have something healthy and quick has become more than an apparent struggle throughout the week,” Sterlacci told GreaterBabylon.

That’s why Furci and Sterlacci launched The Green Fork in the village on Monday, a to-go eatery that serves up freshly-made salads, wraps, and quinoa/ wild rice bowls. The focus is on making meals in-house, daily with organic ingredients.

“We saw a need and wanted to fill it,” said Furci.

The 32-year-olds, who both work in the shoe industry in New York City, would eat well all week in the city but didn’t have that same convenience at home.

“You trip over these places every block in Manhattan,” they said. “It’s a new way people are eating, more health-conscious.”

And while they pointed to their hometown housing several healthy-centric businesses, there was nothing quite like their vision.

“We just wanted something like this, so we went and made it,” said the sisters who spent the last year bringing this idea to life.

“We want to offer healthy food that people can trust,” added Sterlacci. “And we want it to hit every flavor profile, so eating healthy doesn’t get boring.”

The grab-and-go spot offers a variety of tastes with its in-house sauces. There’s a buffalo ranch dressing for a Southern flair, an Asian ginger miso, and a Mediterranean pesto sauce, among other flavors.

“You can eat here every day and feel like you had something different,” said Sterlacci. “You can get be excited about your next meal, and bonus: it’s healthy.”

The Green Fork, which seats up to 19 people, is located at 101 Deer Park Ave Suite B, behind the newly opened Sole Provisions.

The ordering system resembles a Chipotle-style, with diners picking their protein, veggies and toppings.

“Everything is homemade, no preservatives, and all-natural,” said Furci.

There’s also an eco-friendly focus at The Green Fork. No plastics are used on-site, and everything is compostable, the owners say.

“Not only is eating here good for you, but it’s also good for the environment,” said Furci.

Scroll down to see photos of The Green Fork by 4orty Photography.

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