A new telecommunication device for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing has arrived in Babylon Town.

On Monday, the Town of Babylon unveiled a public videophone booth at Babylon Town Hall Annex in North Babylon. The technology, which operates like a webcam, allows the hearing impaired to make calls anywhere in the world by connecting to a sign language translator.

The videophone was paid by and installed through the Deaf Sensitivity Training.

“On average, 11% of a given population struggles with these issues, which can easily snowball into unemployment and financial struggle,” said Fred Greenspan of Deaf Sensitivity Training. “This free-to-use device will help many people get in contact with emergency services and loved ones.”

According to the town, the videophone will be available 24/7 to the public.

“We have made it a priority to ensure that all of our facilities are accessible and welcoming to everyone in our community, and this videophone will do a great job of advancing that,” said Babylon Town Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez.

Top: (L-R) Andrew Baranowski, Town of Babylon Information Technology Director; Town of Babylon Councilman DuWayne Gregory; Fred Greenspan, Deaf Sensitivity Training (on-screen remotely in Arizona); Town of Babylon Councilman Terence McSweeney; Claire McKeon, Town of Babylon Youth & Disabled Services Executive Director; Town of Babylon Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez.