The beautification of this longtime eyesore in Babylon Village is officially underway.

On Saturday, the triangular plot of land on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Depot Place was cleared out to pave the way for upgrades.

After construction, the parcel of land — located near the Babylon LIRR station — will be highlighted by brand-new city-grade industrial fencing, new landscape and lighting, and a “Welcome to Babylon Village” sign. There are also plans to improve the plot’s sidewalk.

As previously reported, the project is being funded by the Babylon Beautification Society.

“It’s going to look really nice,” said Frank Petruzzo, president of the Babylon Beautification Society. “We’re really excited.”

The work is expected to be finished by late April, just in time for Arbor Day.

Babylon Village plans to host its second annual Arbor Day celebration at the plot of land. Check back at GreaterBabylon for more details about the event.

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Top: View of the plot of land after it was cleared out (credit: Facebook)