Greater Long Island Media Group is now delivering news from across our coverage areas every Thursday to thousands of people.

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Once you’re in, every Thursday morning you’ll receive local stories, videos, contest alerts and more. All for free. Anyone who had already signed up for newsletters from the company’s six Greater-branded sites will now get news from across the region through Greater Long Island Weekly.

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“People who’ve been accustomed to receiving great coverage from their hometowns will still be getting those stories, however just on a weekly basis, along with relevant news from other towns we think they will enjoy and find helpful,” said editorial director Nicholas Esposito.

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Below is a letter from publisher Michael White included in this week’s newsletter:

From the publisher: 

Greater Long Island apologizes for the year-long hiatus on our town-by-town daily newsletters. Frankly, it got to be too much for us. So, we have moved to a mode of communicating via email that’s much more manageable for our company. We’re introducing today the first installment of Greater Long Island Weekly. You can now find news from across Suffolk delivered every Thursday morning. We hope you enjoy our little “weekly newspaper.”

And thanks for all the support. You can still visit daily to access your local Greater outlet. Sincerely, Michael White

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Photo: A screen shot of our first edition of Greater Long Island Weekly.