Nearly a year after announcing they were coming to town, O.G. Ramen has made its debut at 14 Railroad Ave. in Babylon Village

Yesterday the soup spot opened for business and will be open seven days a week.

The restaurant is mainly a takeout and delivery location for locals and commuters, but O.G. Ramen sports 18 seats where patrons can relax and enjoy a meal as well.

The two Bay Shore brothers opened up the ramen spot with the idea to put a different — they emphasize healthier — approach to the traditional Japanese dish.

“We wanted to do something that was original and unique,” said co-owner Salvatore G. Bono, 32, who’s launching the endeavor with his brother Frank, 30, the owner of Primi Italian Steakhouse in West Islip.

The O.G. team has been working on recipes for cleaner eating, with more protein options.

The menu consists of dishes such as rice bowls and ramen noodle soup with meat, fish, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Bono said O.G. Ramen emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients and environmentally sustainable products.

Clean, filtrated water is used in the broth base of the ramen, Himalayan salt is sprinkled throughout the menu, and O.G. Ramen has completely eliminated the use of soy sauce and cooking oils.

“We wanted to offer something people can eat every week, make it part of their diet and not feel guilty about eating it,” he said. “Everything’s going to be weighed out by the gram, with a product that’s super consistent, with consistent service.”

The site plan approved by the village allows for a communal table large enough for eight people — complete with charging stations and USB ports — along with three mounted tables for two along the one wall, and four more seats looking out the windows.

For more information about their menu and concept, visit O.G. Ramen’s website. Below are photos of what customers can expect.

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Top: O.G. Ramen’s storefront, photo provided by Salvatore Bono